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Why Choose A Russian Blue Cat?

These gorgeous cats have good character (loving and calm), and are genetically healthy and low maintenance (shed lightly and therefore require less grooming, bathing, do not vomit the hairballs)

Why Get A Kitten From Us?

We guarantee you get a kitten from pedigreed Russian Blue cats, not just a grey shorthair 

How To Identify A True Russian Blue Cat?

These mid-sized cats have bright green eyes (in adulthood) and short blue-grey silvery fur 

Cats have a lifespan of up to two decades, therefore making the right choice is so important.

About and Russian Blue cats

Purebred Russian Blue Kittens Guarantee 

We are responsible breeders and use only pedigreed Russian Blue cats for breeding. We are registered with two feline associations (TICA and CCA). 

Low shedding and low maintenance

Russian Blue cats shed very little and have lower levels of known feline allergens. While there are no completely hypoallergenic cats, Russian Blue is one of the breeds that produce less dander.

Health check and vaccinations

Russian Blue are generally healthy cats, thanks mainly to the fact that they are a naturally occurring breed. 

We do a health check and a first set of vaccinations for all our kittens.

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